Gas Line Replacement

Gas line replacement is usually necessary for a gas line repair. For Tucson, Arizona customers, this means that a new section of pipe could be necessary. Make sure you hire a plumber familiar with the local building codes and regulations regarding repairing and replacing gas lines.

First, if you experience a rotten egg smell around your stove, oven, or clothes dryer, have it checked out immediately. A compromised gas line could be dangerous. Keep in mind, carbon monoxide is toxic. It can make you feel dizzy and nauseous. Not only could you experience bodily harm, your home can be damaged.

At U S Plumbing and Gas LLC, we have many years of experience with gas lines. Our plumbing contractors have the parts, equipment, and fittings for gas line replacement. If you are purchasing new gas appliances or adding an outdoor kitchen, we can help you. Allow us to remove your existing natural gas appliance and install the new one. Call or text for a free honest quote at 520-664-4450

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